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Which part of the product will get traction?

And... when should we launch?

How many early access customers did we get?

We sent out invitations for early access – did anyone pay?

Is Josh ready for early access?

When to open up a SaaS for early-access

What it takes to run a paid online community (8+ years)

Josh had a baby!

Is truly possible to validate a product idea before launch?

Questions from listeners, stacking your advantages, and more

Josh gets some runway

When should you ask for help, and when should you power through it?

Observing customer demand (plus: we reveal the name)

How do you know that people want this right now?

First, a little background

How we got here, and a peek at the new SaaS project

Teaser: trying something new for 2021

Announcing a new MegaMaker project

Archive (2019): A time capsule of bootstrapping anxiety

What's happened since we launched Transistor?

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