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A time capsule of bootstrapping anxiety

What's happened since we launched Transistor?

To be a winner, you need to be a loser

We're getting it all wrong: you have to lose a few hands if you're going to figure out the winning strategy.

Why are you doing everything yourself?

Being a solopreneur doesn't mean you don't get outside help.

What it's really like being a solopreneur

Justin and Nathan Allotey look behind the scenes of an indie business

Bootstrapping punk – MxPx

Mike Herrera, frontman for the punk rock band MxPx, talks about kickstarting their new album.

061 - You're out of touch

When you're building a product, whose opinion should you listen to?

060 - Big news: I’m building a SaaS in 2018

Justin has big news he's been sitting on for awhile.

059 - Buying bread ain't romantic

"Dad that's a lot of money to spend at Safeway!"

058 - I spent $30,000 looking for product-market fit

Thousands of dollars were pouring into my account. And I was miserable.

057 – Harder than ever to be a solopreneur (what's going to happen in 2018?)

2017 proved that it's harder than ever to be a solo-founder. Niches crumbled. Marketing channels were saturated. Competition increased. And more than ever, consumers got tired.

056 – My highlights and fails from 2017

Hear Justin's year in review: what worked, what didn't, what am I going to change in the future?

055 – What's really been going on?

Welcome back MegaMaker fans! There's been a lot going on. There's been some big changes in Justin's life. Listen to hear how he's making course corrections.

054 – Do this before you do ANYTHING else

Have an idea for a new project? Here's what you should do first (before you write any code!)

053 - A marketing tactic no one is talking about

Want to increase sales? Do this first.

052 - Help! The robots are coming

What does the future of work and entrepreneurship look like? Here is what you need to know to run a business in a world filled with artificial intelligence, robots, and automation.

051 - Stay up until your eyeballs bleed

How do you go from no audience, no idea, and no revenue to quitting your day job? Justin tells his story.

050 - How I make my money

Justin does a revenue breakdown for his various projects.

049 – Build things without code

Justin talks about the fundamental truth to building products AND shares some "old person" computer nostalgia.

048 - Sell more beer

I've been thinking a lot about how important it is for potential customers to "see your product used in public."

047 - Why I'm moving to YouTube (and why you should too)

I've been blogging since 2008 and podcasting since 2012. Why, in 2017, am I starting a YouTube channel?

046 - Three tips for aspiring solopreneurs

Looking to make an independent living from the things you make? Is passive income a myth? In this episode I share three lessons I've learned from my first year of going solo.

045 - What are you plans, maaaaaan?

We're two months into 2017. What are your plans? Justin shares his goals for this year (revenue, and what he's going to change)

044 - What the heck happened last year?

Welcome to 2017! In this episode Justin reviews what happened with the 2016 maker challenge.

043 - How do you get out of a creative rut?

What do you do when you lose your motivation? When you haven't created anything in weeks? When you no longer like the project you're working on? Justin's had a hard couple of weeks. How can he get back on track?

042 - The struggle is real

People want to make progress in their lives. Every single one of us wants a better life. We’re all striving for more.

041 - Addicted to progress

Everyone dreams of a better life. But how do you achieve it? Justin gives some context to the idea of "living the dream."

040 - Four years lost & wasted

Justin sneaks out of the house on a cold, dark autumn night and records an episode. Topic: why you should learn from practitioners, not professors.

039 - Are you a Solopreneur or a Teampreneur?

What kind of entrepreneur are you? Do you want to be like a solo artist, or do you want to be part of a band?

038 - What motivates people to buy?

Learn how to make things that people actually want. Justin is joined by author Alan Klement to talk about the "Jobs to be Done" framework .

037 - Find and validate good product ideas

After a long hiatus, Justin is back to talk about a system for discovering what people want, and building solutions they'll actually buy.

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