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To be a winner, you need to be a loser

We're getting it all wrong: you have to lose a few hands if you're going to figure out the winning strategy.

Why are you doing everything yourself?

Being a solopreneur doesn't mean you don't get outside help.

What it's really like being a solopreneur

Justin and Nathan Allotey look behind the scenes of an indie business

Bootstrapping punk – MxPx

Mike Herrera, frontman for the punk rock band MxPx, talks about kickstarting their new album.

061 - You're out of touch

When you're building a product, whose opinion should you listen to?

060 - Big news: I’m building a SaaS in 2018

Justin has big news he's been sitting on for awhile.

059 - Buying bread ain't romantic

"Dad that's a lot of money to spend at Safeway!"

058 - I spent $30,000 looking for product-market fit

Thousands of dollars were pouring into my account. And I was miserable.

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