A podcast for indie SaaS entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Justin Jackson.

In 2010, I was frustrated. I'd been working for a software company for a couple of years. It was a good job, but it had some big downsides. The 1-hour commute was killing me. I had to live in Edmonton, because that's where are office was. And, biggest of all, I didn't have time for my own projects.

I wanted more freedom.

But there was so much in my way: I had four kids to feed, a mortgage, a car payment. I couldn't just "quit my job." I had to start small.

So in 2012, I started a podcast called Product People. My friend Kyle and I interviewed the best developers, designers, and founders making digital products. Folks like Jason Fried, Nathan Barry, and Adam Wathan.

Then, in 2013, I created a community for solopreneurs. I discovered that there were lots of indie founders, some full-time, some part-time, and we all had similar struggles: isolation, motivation, growing and scaling our business.

In 2014, I went and worked with Sprintly (Portland, San Francisco) as their product manager.

In 2015, I launched Marketing for Developers, a book and course that teaches programmers marketing strategy. That year I made $66,000 in side-project income. I decided it was time to quit my job.

On January 1, 2016, I went full-time as an indie entrepreneur.

In February 2018, I co-founded Transistor.fm (podcast hosting and analytics) with Jon Buda. It is, by far, the most successful company I've been involved with.

Nowadays, Transistor is profitable and doing really well. I have the financial margin (and time) to start investing in other entrepreneurs.

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