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036 - Starting with no audience, no idea, and no revenue

What are the different stages to being a solopreneur? Your customers don't want to just "consume your stuff." They want to achieve something! They have a destination in mind.

035 - Being in traffic almost killed me

How do you quit your day job? You need the freedom ladder.

034 - Should you start a SaaS company in 2016?

Startups like Slack, Basecamp, and Freshbooks make millions of dollars in monthly recurring revenue by using a model called Software as a Service (SaaS). Should you get into the business? This episode isn't just for programmers and startup people! Lots of lessons for makers of all sorts.

E033 - Where were you?

Real life keeps going, even when you're launching something new. Listen to the podcast for people who make stuff on the internet and earn their income from the things they create.

E032 - Last chance!

How do you get people to know you exist? Be unexpected. Justin talks about his new book (justinjackson.ca/jolt) and talks with Mikael Cho from Crew in Montreal. They're the awesome makers behind Unsplash.com

E031 - Don't be like the Rolling Stones

Everyone's trying to be a unicorn. I just want to be like Fat Mike.

E030 - Like a kid in a candy store

"The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change." Justin opens up about how his MegaMaker project is going, and what the future holds. (First episode of Season 3)

E029 - In Real Life

What happens when you meet people from the internet IRL? Also: last episode of Season 2!

E028 - Stay hungry

Do you know about the Desperation Scale™? Listeners asked me to be more honest about the struggle. So here it is!

E027 - Do you trust me? DO YOU TRUST ME?

You will not believe what happened to me yesterday. Also: do need to care about your reputation?

E026 - Get out and play

Justin has a confession. (And people think he looks terrible)

E025 - Pull up your bootstraps, Sir

What do you do when you feel tired, haggard, and unmotivated? I'll be honest. I really didn't want to do a show today. Then I figured out two ways to get motivated.

E024 - Do things, tell people

You can't just make things; you have to show your work! Also: how to structure a creative partnership.

E023 - Chase the dream

We have two desires: to create work that connects with people, and to make a living. What happens when things get in the way of that dream?

E022 - Anxiety society

Listeners chime in on how to reduce maker anxiety, PLUS Justin talks to some real human beings about his current project.

E021 - Eat the chocolate hobbit cake

Why don't people care about what you've made? In this episode: why your "thing" needs to be in people's top 3.

E020 - Maker mob

Have you heard of a flash mob? It's when a large group of people suddenly show up at the same place, at the same time to perform a specific action. What if we did that, but for new makers? A bunch of us agree to show up, and help a maker with their launch.

E019 - A punch to the face

Creating two web apps at the same time: which one gets more traction?

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